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Frequently Asked Questions


What size lampshade should I order?


We make our shades in three main sizes, 20cm, 30cm and 40cm. This is the diameter at the bottom ring or if you are ordering a drum shape it is the size of the top and bottom rings.


General guide:

20cm - This is best suited for a small table table lamp eg bedside table or a small room ceiling shade eg toilet

30cm - This is a good middle sized shade and can be used for any average sized table lamp, smaller floor lamps and as a ceiling shade in a medium sized room

40cm - This is our largest shade and suitable for floor lamps, table lamps on a larger unit and ceiling shades in a medium or large room 

What are the different lampshade shapes?

We mainly offer two different shapes in our shades but may introduce other shapes occasionally, I will give you an overview of our usual shapes 


Drum - Drum lampshades are round and shaped as the name suggests as a drum, they are the same size at the top and bottom this is a modern design and looks great with a very wide variety of designs.

Empire -   This is a more traditional shaped design and has a smaller hole at the top these are taller than drum shades, this shape comes with a shade carrier which fits onto your lamp fitting and enables the shade to be placed on top and easily removed for cleaning and bulb changing, The empire shaped shades are not suitable for some patterned fabrics as their tapered design distorts straight patterns, all of the fabrics they are offered in have been tested and found to be compatible. 

How are the lampshade sizes measured?

The centimeter measurement provided for the diameter of the shade is measured straight across the bottom of the shade from one side of the ring to the other, the height is from the top ring to the bottom.   

When measuring up for a lampshade take careful note of all of the sizes provided one of the best ways to gauge how it will look is to try another existing shade against the sizes provided or make a cardboard or paper template, please always take into consideration how far away from the wall the shade will need to be and ensure in the case of a table lamp the unit it is sat on is wide enough to hold the shade with some wall clearance.

Can I use a ceiling fitting shade on a lamp base?

We ask you to specify the fitting your shade needs as drum shades must be made for the correct orientation of the fabric unless of  course it is a plain fabric which can be used both ways, a ceiling drum shade will have the fitting ring at the top whereas a lamp fitting will be at the bottom, if you have a floor lamp which has a top fitting please ensure you order the correct orientation and if unsure contact us with a picture of your lamp.

Empire shades are able to be supplied with either fitting thanks to their utility ring if you order a lamp you will be supplied with a carrier for your lamp if you order a ceiling you will be supplied with a spider fitting which connects the shade to your bulb holder.

What size lamp holders will the lampshades fit?

All of our lampshades will fit either UK or European lamp holders or pendant fittings, they are supplied with an insert for a UK size fitting and for the larger European fitting simply pop this piece out.

What fittings do empire shades have?

Empire shades are able to be supplied with either a ceiling or lamp adapter thanks to their top utility ring fitting if you order a lamp fitting you will be supplied with a carrier for your lamp if you order a ceiling you will be supplied with a spider fitting which connects the shade to your bulb holder, please check your packaging carefully for this fitting.

What size lightbulb can I use?

We recommend the use of modern low energy bulbs and ideally 40w maximum. All of our lampshades are made with a fire retardant liner which has been tested with the Lighting Association Laboratories and has passed the glow wire test.

How quickly will I receive my lampshade?

Each lampshade is made to order and we aim to have every order completed ready for posting in three working days (Mon-Fri) postage usually takes 2 days so you should receive your shade about a week after ordering 


Do you provide fabric samples?

We are always happy to provide fabric samples as long as we have enough of the required fabric, we do have to charge the postage for samples due to the high requests this is currently £1.00 for up to three samples but can change with postal prices, please contact us with your request and we will invoice you accordingly.


How are my items posted? 

We only use Royal Mail as our postal carrier and have collections Monday to Friday 

Lampshades are posted in double walled boxes and securely packaged with air packaging they are all sent 2nd class signed for delivery

Can you post Internationally?

At this time we do not post any lampshades abroad due to the large chance of them being damaged and the prohibitive costs involved

We may be able to post other items please contact us with any queries

Can I have a lampshade made in my own fabric?

Yes we are more than happy to make shades in your own fabric and do so on a regular basis, the only fabric which is definitely not compatible is silk.  Cotton or a mix is the best fabric to use and this can be the thinner dressmaking fabric or the thicker general purpose fabric, please contact us for full details and pricing ​

Do you offer any other sizes of lampshades?

If you require any other sized lampshade we don't sell, please contact us, we can source most sizes and will be happy to provide a quote.

Can I return my lampshade?

All of our handmade lampshades and handmade home furnishings are made to order by us to the customers exact requirements so we cannot not accept returns as the likelihood of  being able to resell the shade is small, so please make sure you place the correct order and if there is a problem contact us asap, and we will try and help where we can.

Do you have a showroom?

We no longer have a showroom to keep prices at a minimum but do offer fabric samples, If you in Devon or Cornwall you may be lucky to find us at a show, we will post all details of any future shows on our Facebook page.

I'm still unsure and have further questions?

If you have any questions please contact us and we will do our best to help

Do you still offer local delivery?

If you are local to us (Tamar Valley, Tavistock, Callington etc.) please contact us and we will see what we can do.

Do you offer Wholesale?

We do offer wholesale opportunities to shops if you are interested please contact us for further details 

Do you trade on any other websites?

Yes we have a very successful Esty shop and can be found on the Countryside Store 

Do you sell the matching fabric for my lampshade?

We do not generally hold a large amount of fabric stock to enable us to retail the fabric, but do always have some large rolls in stock so if you require fabric please ask and we will see if it is possible.



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