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The making of Tilnar Art recycled fair trade aluminium ranges

We are now proud to be suppliers for the wonderful products produced by Tilnar Art all of these items are fair trade and made from recycled aluminium and packaged in lovely gift boxes which are plastic free.

Tilnar Art was formed in 2005 by Tom Hawes. Tom gave up a career as a successful London Solicitor to form Tilnar Art as he wanted to help many of the artists he had met on his various trips to Zimbabwe. Tilnar stands for 'This Is Life Not A Rehearsal' and Tom passionately believes you should, where possible, work in areas that you are passionate about and enjoy

There are many individual stages in making these completely handmade recycled aluminium bowls and coasters and the beauty and exceptional quality and finish of these products is due to the skill and care taken by the artisans during each stage of the process.

Stage 1 - Sand Casting the shape of the product; The recycled aluminium is melted down in a charcoal fire pit. A sand mould in the shape of the product is then prepared before the melted aluminium is poured in the sand cast. The coolness of the sand solidifies the aluminium almost instantly and the shape of the bowl is formed.

Stage 2 - Rough polishing; The products are rough polished by teams of artisans using grinding belts and then cleaned and checked by a further team.

Stage 3 - Colour and Images; The food safe colour is then applied to the products by the handicraft makers before the images are added to the bowls and coasters.

Stage 4 - Enamelling; Food safe enamel is then smoothly and equally applied over the image by hand by very skilled artisans.

Stage 5 - Final polishing; A team of handicraft makers then give the products a final polish

Stage 6 - Quality checking, labelling, bar coding, tagging, wrapping and boxing A further team go through stringent quality control of each product before it is given a further clean, bar coded, tagged, labelled and wrapped in tissue paper before it is placed in its individual presentation box.

The finished stunning product;

All images and information provided by Tinar art

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